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Stop Selling your Property by LUCK!!

It’s November 21st. A lot of you are facing difficulties in selling. This is because you’re going into the dead zone! It’s happening now and soon. Yes, holidays are coming. But, are you selling by luck or by skill?

This decision shouldn’t be by your agent. There are two types of agents in the industry; the first is the one who will follow your instructions to a T, just put the amount and listing out there and wait. The second is the kind that will analyse your property, give you a report and help you understand what price you should sell at and what pricing and marketing strategy you should use. These agents are more like consultants.

Recently, I sold CS Stars. This was done by 2-3 agents for a couple of months and together we made a really nice video. We don’t film the normal kind of videos which sell proximity to MRT stations or so on and so forth. Buyers already know this before they come and see your unit; they’ve already decided or have their view on the location of the listing. What really gets them interested will be the photos and videos you have up. Some units that are not so nice may only have curated photos but not videos. Good units though must video. This video has to be cinematic, short (10-15 seconds), and display the property with a hint of mystery. Don’t give potential buyers the ability to see the whole unit from just a video, otherwise there’s no incentive for them to come and view the place!

What you want is to entice viewers to come and visit the unit. This is a strategy that needs skill, and what I consider ‘selling by skill’ as opposed to ‘selling by luck’. If you engage an agent, you want one that sells by skill.

I was recently disappointed by a client that wanted to sell their unit at a price that was just not realistic. I agreed but said in the future if there are no buyers, to lower the price and still let me sell the unit. The client agreed, but… they changed their agent. This is why I reject a lot of listings – I’m not just an agent, I’m a consultant. That’s the difference between the first and second type of agents. It’s important that the price you’re trying to sell the unit at is achievable, and the client must be advised on this.

It’s not just about location and price – you must come up with the best strategy to sell this particular unit. As the agent, I’m investing time and money into marketing this property. I can provide analysis to clients on what is an achievable selling price.

If you’re facing trouble selling off your property, chances are there’s something wrong with your selling strategy. December, January – these are the worst months to sell your property and they’re coming soon. You’ll notice viewings start to drop in November.

Long story short, get the correct consultant! Come up with the right strategy, and waste no time because prices may be worse in the coming months or even years. If there’s a certain price you want for your property, sell it within the next 1-2 months. If you can’t sell for 6 months to a year, you will realise that you will never be able to reach your original ideal price – because time has passed and pushed prices down. And in the coming, difficult months, there’ll only be more and more competition from other listings.

Take a peek at my episode on “Huh, why my house still not sold?”. Try to relate what is in the video to what you’re doing now with trying to sell your property – is what you’re doing right or wrong?



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