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This video features Aaron Lin discussing the issue of buying a dual key unit for investment or personal use. Aaron starts off by addressing the misconception that buying dual key units will always yield good rental income. He warns that although such investments can be profitable when done correctly, they can also lead to problems. Aaron shares his own experience with dual key units and cautions viewers that such properties may not be very sellable in the resale market.

Aaron explains that dual key units come in various configurations, such as splitting into one-one, two-one, or even three-one, but emphasizes that dual key units are generally less desirable for those who want to stay in the property long-term. This is due to the fact that these units have two kitchens, extra bathrooms, and more doors, making them less spacious than regular units of the same size. Additionally, dual key units tend to have a more complicated layout, which can be off-putting to potential buyers. Aaron warns viewers that when they buy a dual key unit, they are paying for extra space that they may not necessarily need, leading to higher costs.

In conclusion, Aaron advises viewers to be cautious when considering buying a dual key unit. He suggests that buyers should research thoroughly and consider factors such as their long-term living arrangements, the resale market, and the cost of extra space before making a purchase.



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