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Renovation Contractors and Interior Designers (ID) - Post Property Purchase Problems


Many aspects or renovation are not explicitly mentioned in the quotation. Finding out the details of your renovation can help you save a lot of money.

Carpentry is one of the most expensive aspects of interior design, so cutting down on size and number of built-in wardrobes and feature walls will help you save on cost.

Many people fail to distinguish between the various types of tilings and end up choosing tiles which sound good in name, but are different from what they expect.


After purchasing your resale property, renovation is the next step. Many people always complain about their renovation contractors and interior designers. I have found that most people are actually unhappy with the process rather than the outcome.

Before interior designers and renovation contractors do their job, they will quote you. However, what they quote you may be different from what you expect them to do. You will need to ask them thoroughly to gain an insight into what you can expect.

There are many aspects of renovation which are not explicitly mentioned in the quotation - all of which adds up to the price you pay. For example, some kitchen cabinets are installed with an anti-slam system and there are multiple grades within that system. Price differences can thus be explained by the inclusion or exclusion of aspects like system type, texture and design. These differences can go down to the smallest of details.

Knowing the details of your renovation is important since it is usually what you do not see that factors into the price. Tiling is another area of renovation that can incur higher than expected prices if you do not specify what you are getting. For example, the price difference between real marble and marble-like tiles is very substantial. Other common sources of price increases are the addition of mirrors into wardrobe, laminating the interior of your wardrobe and opting for a glass door,

Moreover, many quotes do not even include the basin and taps. The easiest way to prevent getting “cheated” is to source for your own basins and taps. Contractors usually earn a referral fee from their suppliers. I usually recommend my viewers to source for their own basins and taps from different shops and compare the respective prices.

The most expensive aspect of interior design is carpentry. Built-in wardrobes and feature walls are very expensive. Cutting down the number and size of feature walls and built-in wardrobes can help you cut down a bulk of your costs. For example, a feature wall can easily cost up to S$3000 - 4000.

Another commonly misunderstood area of renovation is flooring. Lamination is not the same as parquet timber wood. Engineered timber is also not the same as parquet timber wood. Most people want parquet timber wood, which is the authentic and expensive one. On the other hand, engineered timber and lamination are cheape. Therefore it is important to distinguish between these types of tiling and not confuse one for another. To add on, lamination comes with different grades, with some grades not being waterproof and being less durable.

Good contractors are honest with what you can expect and will help you resolve defects. Some contractors are less responsible after you have paid them and drag the resolving of defects. Other contractors are committed to good service, but are not always easily identifiable. These contractors usually rely on referrals to sustain their business and are thus very committed to providing the best service.

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