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How To Choose The Most Profitable New-launch Unit

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Many clients have been approaching me to ask this very important question: how do I choose the most profitable new-launch property? My take is simple. A good property is a property that can be sold off easily next time. This means you need to get a property that has high demand for it. You may ask: what determines demand? There are six factors to consider when choosing the best unit that will give you the most bang for your buck.

1. Location

Choose a unit in a good location and estate that is always in high demand.

2. Facing of the Unit

Select a unit that avoids the West sun at all costs. A little of the East sun is alright, but the West sun is well-known to be an irritant for many buyers.

3. Level

Generally, avoid ground floor units. There is a special group of buyers interested in ground floor units, but generally, 70-80% of buyers would not even consider it. Instead, most are interested in the units located between the seventh to tenth floors.

4. Layout of the Unit

The layout of the unit is important as some layouts are simply too difficult to sell. I once came upon a three-bedroom unit, where one bedroom was a loft, designed with the open concept in mind. This become extremely difficult to sell in the future, as most buyers are looking for three separate enclosed bedrooms. Do take note that the two bed-room units are the best as there is not a lot of supply in the market, so keep a look out for this.


For the lower floors, select units with a nice pool view. For units on higher floors, buyers generally prefer unblocked views.

6. Price

Do your research or get a good agent to find out what is the land sale price. This would help you out a lot in determining whether the price is a good price to buy at.


Want to hear one last tip? In order to have the greatest selection of flats, be one of the first few buyers entering the new-launch. This would give you a greater variety of choice, enabling you to buy the most profitable property that will sell well in the future.

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