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Biggest Mistake in Property Planning - Upgrading Or Downgrading?


Follow plans that are aligned with your financial interest instead of the interests of salespersons.

Understand both the EC and the private property market before making an upgrading or downgrading decision.

You may engage in pre-consultation to avoid incurring hefty financial fees.


Some of the most common mistakes in property planning revolves around upgrading or downgrading property. Crucially, it is important to follow plans that are aligned with your financial interests and not that of a salesperson. Should you invest in, hold or sell the wrong property, the financial costs are gargantuan. Mistakes are not inevitable.

Before making consequential decisions, you should consult with someone well-versed with the ins and outs of both the EC and private property market. This is because EC owners may not have the requisite knowledge of private properties, vice versa. Strangely, I have received many enquiries after the purchase decision is made. Rather than incurring a hefty penalty, you can simply give me a call where I can advise on your plans. There are no charges for pre-consultation.

Ultimately, you need to buy with confidence.

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