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Ask Aaron Now: Choosing The Right Unit To Buy In A New Launch


There are no fees attached when engaging a property agent to buy a new launch property.

Choosing the right unit is as important as choosing the right location, as many small details such as window facing and noise level add up.

Property agents are able to advise on many details that are not advertised in the showflat, preventing buyers from incurring a huge risk.


Firstly, there are no fees when you engage a property agent to buy a new launch property. Developers pay property agents the commission fee for new launch property. Specifically, property agents value-add by providing advice on which unit to choose.

Once you have decided on the location, the next most important step is to decide which unit to buy. There are different factors to consider when buying for investment purposes versus buying for ownstay purposes. Common factors to consider when buying for ownstay purpose include noise level, location of the rubbish chute, proximity to the side-gate or even proximity to the BBQ pit. These minor details add up. The window view is also an important consideration when choosing the unit.

Different types and sizes of unit matter too. Property agents scrutinise the floor plan to advise buyers on the best option since many buyers are not experienced with visualising the layout and incur the risk of buying something different from their expectations. On the other hand, showflat agents are less likely to give recommendations to specific units.

When I advise my clients on which units to purchase, I will view the site plan to identify which stacks have better facing. From there, we can identify which floorplans to view and then consider the available units. Only after this initial study will we head down to the showflat to see if the quality of the interior matches the price. We will also view the model of the facilities. I will also find out more about the exterior surroundings and facing of the unit since showflats do not build models of the exterior surroundings. In addition, when we enter the showroom, I will identify what aspects fall under ID treatment so that the client has a clearer expectation of the interior design.

In the long-term, units that face the BBQ pit will face significantly more difficulty in selling off than units facing the swimming pool. Small details such as these will be scrutinised by buyers. Choosing the right unit is as important as choosing the right location.

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