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Are You Ready To Sell Or Buy Property?


Many buyers lack the motivation to purchase a house.

It can be difficult to decide to purchase for various reasons.

Casual buyers are likely to be out-competed by more serious buyers with a strong motivation to purchase.


Many buyers in the property market are not motivated enough to purchase. They are interested in looking at houses but will not purchase eventually. It can be difficult to make a decision to purchase for various reasons. For younger buyers, the house that they are looking for may be their first house and so they may not have enough experience in the market. Others may plan to get married after purchasing a house, and will thus not take action so easily.

In contrast, if you plan your marriage before purchasing, then you are more likely to decide to purchase immediately. You may even be so realistic as to lower your expectations to meet reality. Hence you should decide when you intend to get married first, get registered at the Registry of Marriages (ROM) and then plan your purchase.

Often, the motivation to buy or sell is not there. I sometimes advise my clients not to do anything (i.e. to not buy or sell their house). If you are a casual buyer trying to find the perfect house with no sense of urgency, then it might not be a good idea to buy a house already. This is because you are likely to be out-competed by serious buyers who have a timeline to adhere to. They would probably buy more aggressively than those who can afford to take their time.

My point is not to tell you to rush into your purchase. Rather, it is to emphasise the importance of having a strong motivation and purpose behind your purchase. Just considering is not going to be enough to successfully buy a house.

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