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Are You Focusing On The Right Thing During A Property Viewing?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021


During a viewing, get a feel of the house and focus on what you want to see in the house.

Try not to get distracted by the agent’s commentary about the house, since it might not be objective or complete.

Pay attention to the fittings and fixtures as well as the view and direction of the house.


During a property viewing, it is important that you get a feel of the house and see whatever you want to see. You should also take this time to identify the pros and cons of the property, as well as problems you may encounter in the future if you were to buy the house.

Personally, I prefer not to get distracted by the property agent but to take my time walking around the house. The agent may get carried away in his introduction of the house and talk throughout the entire viewing. He may also sweep the flaws of the house under the carpet in a bid to promote the house to you. However, a house is a big-ticket item that you need to assess thoroughly before buying. If you feel that listening to the agent’s commentary about the house, you can politely inform him that you would like to view the house on your own. Subsequently, you can approach the agent to clarify your questions about the house.

1: Fittings and fixtures

During the viewing, take a look at the fittings and fixtures of the house because they will remain in the house even after the current owner moves out. Do these fittings and fixtures require renovation? Are there parts that you need to hack down? These should be taken into consideration since they incur additional costs on your part.

2: View and direction

The next thing to focus on is the view that you see from the house. The view will be what you see for as long as you occupy the house. If not, that view might change in months or years depending on developments in the vicinity. Some buyers might also be interested in which direction the house is facing.

3: Feel the house

Imagine yourself as the owner of the house. Where would you like to place different furniture? What kind of renovation would you do? Does the space allow you to create your dream toilet or kitchen? Asking these questions can help you to figure out if the house is suitable for you.

Buyers often forget these three points during a house viewing because the seller’s agent would introduce the house the way he wants to. My recommendation is to focus more on looking at what you want to see in the house, and less on what the seller’s agent says.

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