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4 Characteristics of Great Property Agents for All Your Property Needs

Whether you are buying or selling your property, I only have one message for you: find the best agent who ticks all these boxes.

1. Engage agents with a strategy

There are two types of agents – those who have a strategy, and those you don’t. Some agents don’t have a strategy when marketing properties and don’t understand whether this price will sell. They simply follow what the customer says without offering expert advice and expertise. No effort is taken to present the unit in the best light. I simply cannot agree with this approach.

Rather than risk running around in circles, instead, engage an agent who has a strategy in place to market your unit in the best light possible. This means carrying out competitor analysis, CMA report, and identifying the unit selling point.

2. The best agents are responsive

A good agent is responsive. Once the phone rings, they are always there. They must also be responsive towards the owner and proactive in arranging viewings with prospective buyers. As the saying goes, strike when the iron is hot. It is crucial to grasp any and all opportunities for sales that come along your way, and this means being responsive to any developments.

3. Avoid the ‘try-hards’

To me, the most lacklustre agents are those that try too hard in all the wrong and inconsequential aspects. For instance, certain agents at viewings speak endlessly in an attempt to showcase not the property, but themselves, in the best possible light. This isn’t beneficial. Sometimes, it’s not about how good the house is, but how the buyer feels walking into the property. This is something that can’t be created through speaking incessantly. A good agent understands that.

4. Choose agents who bring value

A lot of buying agents don’t help customers analyse or the correct item to buy. For instance, they do not advise the client in terms of the selection of properties, based on their purpose of buying. No consultation. In this situation, the value of the agent is wasted. In fact, the client can basically carry out his property search by themselves! A great agent brings value to the property hunt process, through sharing his expert knowledge and guiding buyers along the best approach to snagging the dream property.


Don’t waste your money engaging a lacklustre property agent; instead, choose one that really adds value to the sale or purchasing process of your next property. As always, if you need a trustworthy agent by your side, I am always available for a chat to share more on how I can help you along this journey!



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