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3 Golden Points When Buying A Property

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

● Many property buyers avoid West-facing properties and windows that are too close to neighbours.

● Your unit level matters - some levels are more popular than others and are thus easier to sell.

● Unit layout is an important consideration so buyers should take into account the shape and sizes of the unit.

What is a good property? Is my property considered good?

Whether you are looking into a new launch project or a resale property, you might be wondering what you should look out for when making the decision. In this article, I will talk about three important points you should consider when making your property decisions.

  1. Window facing and direction

When I talk about the facing and view of a property, I am not referring to the feng shui aspects. I am focussing on where the window faces and where the sun rises from. Very few buyers will want to buy a West-facing property. On the other hand, an unblocked view is a very good selling point because it is generally easier to sell and you can command a higher price. Viewers should also avoid windows positioned too near to neighbours

When you visit the show flat of a new launch, you can find out more about the facing and direction of the windows from the site plan.

  1. Floor level

In the real estate industry, level 1 units are generally not as popular. But of course, there is still a very small group of viewers who will consider a level 1 unit, especially if the unit has a very large balcony or even a private pool. As a buyer, I will also avoid level 2 - 4 units. In fact, I experience some difficulty marketing units in this range of levels.

It is easier to market and sell units from level 5 onwards. Breaking it down further, the 5th to 11th floor is more popular. Some buyers are afraid of heights while others may be reluctant to buy units on higher floors because of the higher prices.

Penthouses in private property projects have their own pricing tier because they come with additional perks like sky garden and larger unit size. On the other hand, top floors in HDB flats are not always favourable because some buyers are afraid of waterproofing issues and hot weather. Even though waterproofing issues are usually handled by HDB, most buyers will still avoid the top floor because of the hassle involved.

  1. Layout

Property buyers also consider factors like whether there are too many balconies, how big the master bedroom is and how squarish the living room is. Most buyers prefer a squarish layout. Whether you are looking at BTO flats, private property, resale or new launches, you can access the floor plan and determine the layout from there. Some units have very long corridors which eats up space in the bedrooms and master bedrooms.

Another common problem is that younger couples tend to hack the barrier between the common rooms and the master bedroom to merge them together. I would advise against this practice especially if you intend to sell the property in the near future. A lot of property buyers are concerned over reinstating the wall and other common issues like soundproofing and wall material.

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