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Understanding Condo Layout Trends


Condo layout trends have shifted significantly over the years.

Condos in recent years tend to have more liveable space although they are smaller.

Knowing the features or layouts that are unique to condos of different eras can improve your search for a condo that suits your preferences.


Condo layouts have changed over the years. From bomb shelters and bay windows to perfectly rectangular layouts with high ceilings, some design features that were common in older condos can no longer be found today. Knowing how condo layout trends have shifted across different eras can help you to find the condo that suits your preferences.

Ten years ago, bomb shelters (or storerooms) could be found in most condos. Bay windows, which occupied substantial space and tended to cause waterproofing issues, were also common. In recent years, condos have been becoming smaller in size although some premium condos continue to be large. While a typical 2-bedroom condo could occupy 700 sq ft five years ago, the size of some condos today has been reduced to 600 sq ft. Condos in the Core Central Region (CCR) of Singapore have even measured as small as 480 sq ft. Another noticeable feature of 2-bedroom condos today is the presence of only one toilet instead of two. Yards could also be found in older condos that are at least ten years old.

Bomb shelters still exist in new condos, except that they have been shifted to the common stairwell. Condos of the current generation generally have more liveable space and less wasted areas. This is due to the absence of bomb shelters, bay windows and yards which are useful but technically not living spaces. Yards used to house an additional toilet which was seldom used and became simply accumulated dust and dirt over time. In newer condos, the toilet is typically found in the kitchen instead.

Over the years, the layouts of condos have arguably improved. Even though newer condos are smaller, they contain more liveable spaces. Similarly in many penthouses today, most rooftop gardens have been removed and replaced with higher ceilings that are about 4m in height. In Singapore’s tropical climate, it is challenging to maintain rooftop gardens due to their large exposure to sun and rain. Furthermore, outdoor furniture that can withstand such weather conditions is expensive.

The design concepts of condos in recent years are not the same as those of the past. If you are a buyer looking for specific features like bay windows or bomb shelters, then you should focus your search on older condos instead of newer ones.

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