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EP 8: The Secret to Succeeding in the Real Estate Industry

Company helps yes, mentors help yes, it’s a combined effort. But at the end of the day, it still comes down to YOU. What kind of attitude do you have?

Industry is Ever-Changing

Last time, iProperty and flyer advertisements work. Now, maybe not. Every year, something new is happening. Like Coronavirus. Now we have Zoom being introduced into our industry. It’s very fast-paced, and you cannot stop moving, stop creating. That’s when you won’t have the latest information and lose your leads. And it takes months to recreate your leads.

Is it stressful? Well, I think it’s more down to self-discipline and habit. If you do it enough, it becomes innate and habitual to push yourself to adapt to the ever-changing industry and remain consistent with your client-base and knowledge – the 2 keys to working as a property agent I covered in Ep 5.

The Different Angles of Real Estate

You cannot just focus on the commission you will earn. There’s people who need help and ways you can make the transaction work not just for you but the people around you. Advise them to manoeuvre through their property portfolio. That’s how people can learn to trust you and refer people to you too.

it’s really about YOU. Expose yourself to people, and sales and transactions will come to you.

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