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EP 7: How much Does the Right Company Really Matter?

To be frank, join the person who is going to recruit you. The person who is going to teach you; company is secondary.

But later, when everyone left, I still remained in the company for 7-8 years. And I was doing OK, because I always depended on myself (more on this later). Until one day my company decided to merge with another. So I had to move.

Company Matters – but You matter More

Culture, activities, and energy present in each company is very different. In the 2nd company, there was more diversity. For example, they started introducing new launches.

They also had bootcamps! It’s not necessary for the job, but this energy makes you feel more like the company is always pushing and striving to be better, helping their employees. It affects you more of on a spiritual level, to drive you and motivate you. To make the sale is a two-step process – you need to find your drive, your ‘weapon’, before you go to war – making the sale.

So yes, at the end of the day, to take the initiative and make the sale still falls on you. But a good company can help you shorten the process by providing you with your ‘weapon’ and pushing you forward.

For example, my company pushes new IT methods. It helps me to a smaller extent because I’m still young and IT-savvy, but it truly helps the older generation who are not so IT-literate.

At the end of the day, what does this all mean? Company is good because it can give you boosts. But, at the end of the day, it really comes down to your own merit and you must have it in you first, before the company effects can help you produce real results. Don’t expect the company to do everything for you; join the company that complements your existing working style and merits.

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