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EP 5: How to Survive 11 years as a Property Agent?

Are you wondering if being a property agent is the path for you long-term? Read on to find out my experiences and tips!

Of my 11-12 years, I have been working 8-9 years full-time. I started while still studying, and what you must know is that everyone comes into the industry with different resources at hand. Some enter with customers on-hand. Me? I came in with nothing.

Good Customer Service and Consistent Clients

It’s no secret that to succeed as a property agent, you must always have clients. But finding new customers everyday is not sustainable. The key to this is having good knowledge and good customer service! Then, they will work with you through their generations of buying and selling. Take one of my clients for example; he worked with me from his BTO all the way to his exec condo. Parents will also refer you to their children.

These people will form your inner circle – and they are so important because they bring referrals. As you grow close, they will learn about you and how you improve, how you work, and really build that trust in your knowledge.

Staying in the LOOP

Of course, you must actually know your stuff. Keep up-to-date with legislation like cooling measures, know what’s going on in the real estate industry, CPF and HDB measures, etc. Singapore is very different from other countries and we always have changing rules and regulations. Having consistent clients will save you time to work on and build your knowledge. This is how you don’t get overwhelmed.

The fact is, you will always have to keep prospecting clients. Still keep looking for clients. But that’s why it’s so important to at least have that consistent circle, so you can manage your time better between building knowledge and making a net profit.

So that’s how you can survive as an agent. Keep a good balance between a consistent client circle and keep building your knowledge – and you do this by having good customer service! Tune in to the next episode if you want to learn more of my anecdotal life experience as a property agent.

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