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Do All Property Agents Earn Big Bucks?

There is this impression that all property agents drive luxury vehicles and own dozens of landed properties. But is this actually true? My short answer is – it depends and varies across property agents, but it’s not easy to earn big bucks.

Now, it is possible and not unheard of for agents to earn a million dollars in commission. But how often do you think an agent can just somehow stumble upon a client who wants to buy an SGD$5 million penthouse through cold calls or road shows? This isn’t something anybody can do. It requires a highly established network and experience, that takes time and effort to accumulate.

I’m not trying to prevent you from chasing your dreams of becoming a property agent. Wealth in this profession is not impossible, but it is difficult.

Like any profession, there will be high-flyers and ‘normal’ people. In the property industry, there will also be high-flyers who clinch huge deals monthly (though it might be with a high expense as well), and also normal agents who bring in moderately priced deals, such as through the sales of HDB flats and ECs.

Ultimately, I would say that there is a good and bad side to any situation, and there are good and bad aspects to being a property agent. For me, personally, it is a very rewarding career that enables me to achieve my goals and spend time with my family. What I can advise young property agents is this: don’t worry and don’t compare yourself to so-called big earners. It’s best to keep walking your own path, rather than looking at others. Just keep working to your strengths, market yourself and your properties accordingly, and be hardworking, and success will naturally come your way.

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