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5 Year Newly MOP-ed HDB Is Your Best Buy!


HDB flats that have just reached their Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP) are usually in better condition than older flats.

You should not be misled into thinking that a younger flat is always more ideal.

Younger flats are more expensive, and the difference in price can be used to cover the renovation costs of older flats.


Many buyers prefer viewing newer resale HDB flats that had recently passed the Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP). Such units are typically 5-6 years old and are more expensive than the units of older HDB flats. Most people prefer younger units because they tend to be nicely renovated and in good condition. However, the age of the flat should not be the only factor you consider.

Sellers of five-year-old HDB flats are almost always the first owner of the flat. This may not be the case for sellers of older HDB flats who may be the second, third or subsequent owners. Naturally, they may be in poorer condition and the furniture you see during viewings may be older. But if you are fortunate, you may come across older HDB flats that have been newly renovated by their second or subsequent owners.

Many people think that five-year-old HDB flats are better than older ones. However, the chances of them depreciating in the near future is higher in my opinion and from my experience. They are also more common than older HDB flats on the property market. Thus, you should not be misled into thinking that five-year-old HDB flats are always better than older ones.

This is not to say that five-year-old HDB flats are no good. They have their merits but you should be prepared to pay a higher price for them. Sometimes, the S$50,000 difference in price between a five-year-old HDB unit and a ten-year-old unit can be used to conduct your own renovations that can make the house look new again. Compared to focusing solely on the age of the unit, it is more important to make a fair judgement on what unit to buy and which one suits you better.



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