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5 Factors To Take Note Of When Buying Your First HDB Resale Flat

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

you’re looking into buying your first HDB resale flat, but have dozens of questions and anxieties buzzing around in your mind. Have no fear – read on to discover five key pointers to take note of when buying your first HDB resale flat!

1. Location

Many clients come to me with a whole list of potential locations they would prefer their flat to be in. What I would normally advise is to reduce the list to just two estates. To do so, take a drive around the various estates and scope out a few places. Ideally, you should have two estates in mind when you officially begin your search for the perfect HDB flat and through the process, you would naturally whittle it down to just one to focus your search.

2. Size

This may seem like a slight factor, but it makes a world of difference! Think carefully about the needs of your current and future family as well when planning which unit to buy. A four-room unit in Ang Mo Kio may work better for you as compared to a three-room flat in Toa Payoh.

3. Budget

It’s a no-brainer that budget is on this list, but it is one of the most important factors determining exactly what flat you can buy. Before proceeding to select any flat, it is crucial to get all your loans sorted out first. Whether it be your HDB or bank loans, get your finances in order and then formulate an accurate and realistic budget. Then, match your budget to the location and size of the house.

4. Age of the Property

This is a point that is often over-looked by first time buyers. Make sure to find out the age of the property prior to buying it! It can add more complications to the buying process. For instance, a property owner is eligible to use his CPF for the property if his age plus the remaining lease of the property is at least 80 years. However, this poses a complication for young buyers in their mid-20s, as, depending on their age, they will not be able to buy properties with a remaining lease of less than 60 years. Moreover, the older the property, the harder it is to sell. Do take note that after you purchase the flat, you have to stay there for five more years, which will also affect the resale price of the property. So, it’s best to be aware when looking at properties located in older estates!

5. The Feel

First-time buyers always take note of the current renovations done when buying a resale flat. However, I would suggest doing this: walk into the flat, have a feel of the place, and imagine the changes you would like done to the house. Focus on what you can do within your budget, and do not fixate on the state it is currently in. Many properties have plenty of potential to become amazing homes – they just need a bit of work done.


Keep in mind these five pointers when looking for your HDB resale flat and soon, you will be living in the property of your dreams!



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