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For people that are interested in this positive space of sharing information about property in Singapore, there is much to be gleaned from all that Aaron is sharing. Nobody could be 100% right or 100% wrong, but providing an informed view to educate the public is part of our intent. Sharing with those that believe in Aaron's views and recommendations about the market!


There has been many times we spelt things out in no uncertain terms on the articles we post on the site. Other times, we explore stories, make certain recommendations and leave viewers/readers to make their own decisions on what suits them best.

Today, we share some of the signs Aaron has pinpointed. Be it signs in the market, or signs in society today. If you understand the underlying currents of how everything works or fit in to each other, you can tweak your strategies, actions and mindsets to help you work things out in the coming days. If you get it, you get it.

Signs in the market

Significant signs in the market include:

  • Rental prices are at all-time high

  • Amount of transactions are dropping

  • High asking prices

These 3 signs are direct effects of the market's movements. At certain projects, we see minimal transactions even though sales are still going through. With high asking prices potentially affecting demand, what would it mean for successful or unsuccessful sales?

New norms

Observations in this period of going back to the new normal:

  • Inflation

  • Construction going back to normal.

  • Speed up of BTO projects

  • Project issuing keys

For various reasons, we see the inflationary pressures hitting the core basket of goods we need in Life. This is most vividly felt in the daily cost of living in food and drinks. The causes of inflation are aplenty, and the effects of what inflation mean are different for different people.

After the cessation of Covid related measures, we see the rate of construction going back to normal, where BTO projects have sped up to completion and many projects are quickly issuing keys in recent times.

Signs in Society
  • Travel across the causeway

  • Nightlife and entertainment

  • Borders opening - Leisure trips overseas

Outside of property, we have seen the returning of ways of life from a not too distant past. Travel across the causeway for life, work & leisure is hustling and bustling again. Nights out for drinks, partying till the wee hours of morning is again a guilty pleasure many indulge in, while borders have also opened for the popular weekend getaways destinations: Bali, Bangkok, KL to name but a few.

These are all signs of how things have changed, in terms of habits and expenditure in society.


This article is not one to give answers or push a fixed conclusion. We are a bringer of signs today, hoping to prompt some reflections and thinking:

What has changed? What has returned to the norm? Of the signs being seen in Singapore, what are things that would affect or not affect the property market?

If you get it you get it.

This is a crucial period and Aaron's goal is to help people that are ready to make money, which leads us to our final point today. 👇


There will be less to be said in public videos in order not to swing the mindsets of people. Predictions and forecasts would be a thing of the past, with comments saved for when the news break on mainstream media. We are going to focus on customers that are actively buying and selling to get the best deals for them.

If you are interested to be such a customer, contact Aaron directly for your discussion!


Holding nothing back, as viewers are used to. Watch how Aaron shares his thoughts and observations that could help you in you forays in the property market.

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