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Huh? Why My House Is Still NOT Sold? - Part 1: Marketing


Knowing how to present your property online is key to successful online marketing.

Many sellers make common mistakes in taking pictures of their property that will leave a negative first impression on potential buyers.

Some of these mistakes include using the portrait orientation, uploading low quality images, taking unnecessary videos and using multiple images to showcase a single room.


The resale property market has not been performing very well for the past few years. Many are experiencing difficulty selling off their property. However, this can be boiled down to a few common mistakes that sellers make repeatedly.

When I first joined the industry in 2009, the only outlet for marketing was the newspapers. Sellers had to pay S$50 - 60 for a 4-line text advertisement with no pictures. Today’s resale market is different: It is all about online marketing.

Online marketing has its own set of plus and negatives. To be successful in online marketing, you need to rank higher on search engine result pages and ensure that the visuals are attractive among other criteria. Without good online marketing, it is impossible to attract calls from interested buyers, resulting in low viewership and hence no buyers.

Here are some common mistakes people make when advertising their property online:

Portrait orientation

While many are used to taking portrait photos on their handphone with their friends and family, the portrait orientation should not be used for property. The landscape orientation offers richer detail and is more attractive to potential buyers.

Low quality

If you are using your handphone to take pictures of your property, it is important to make sure that the camera quality is good. Ensure sufficient lighting and edit the photo when needed. A photo with dark lightning will not be enticing to potential buyers.

Unnecessary videos

Some sellers post videos with 360 degree views even though their house has not been renovated for over 15 years and is cluttered with mess. This may put off some potential buyers who may not consider viewing your house simply because it is messy.

Too many photos of the same room

Another common mistake made by sellers is to take three to four photos of the same room. This could confuse potential buyers who are trying to understand the layout and structure of the house. Instead, using a single, wide-view photo that captures the layout and structure of the house gives a better impression.



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