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Does Social Media Marketing actually bring in sales?

First off, I don’t think it’s right for agents to base how much effort they put into marketing on a price negotiated with the client. But it’s just my personal ethos, that the client and I agree on a price, and whatever price that may be, I put in equal effort – my best effort – for every client I sell for. But that’s just my personal principles! Does it actually work??

In short, I don’t think it’s very useful for property selling!

Property is a big-ticket item. People who want to buy a unit or view this unit already have the reason why they want that property; for example, the location allows them to stay near their parents, or a particular school. People who look for a certain place already have that certain criteria in their heart. They don’t come view the flat looking for a reason to buy that flat.

Now we consider social media marketing. The algorithm for social media marketing doesn’t really target the right audience for property. For example, the way it works, if you want to sell a Punggol property the algorithm can only help you show properties to people who already live in Punggol – but these may not be the people who want to buy a property let alone one in Punggol. The buying process has a lot of decisions and reasons to it. The social media way that creates exposure for the unit doesn’t direct it to the correct target audience.

And Instagram is the worse, because it’s not really used by older people and people use Instagram in a very casual way.

Because social media marketing doesn’t target the right audience, to me, it’s a waste of money.

What about Youtube?

I use Youtube to create hype. It’s just based on the additional chance that someone will like it. The point is not the digital marketing platform but more of the video itself helping in the sales process of selling that unit. It’s the video that works, not the social media marketing platform. And for how to make an effective video, refer to my video “Stop Selling your Property by LUCK!”

The best way to sell a property is still to take good photos and videos! Even the description has lost its magic because potential buyers already know what they want. With the internet literacy now, buyers already know the relevant information about the property that they want to view; it’s probably how they found your property in the first place.

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